We will WAU You!

In our previous post We Are WAU we introduced ourselves as WAU Solutions. But what is “wau”?

First of all “wau” (/waʊ/) is a cool way to spell “wow”. On screen nobody is more wowed than the actor Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson is the pitch man for “wow” | https://youtu.be/KlLMlJ2tDkg

History of WAU

The term ‘wau’ goes back quite few years before the digital age. Ancient Greeks used ‘wau’ as both letters and numerals. These same numbers and letters became the foundation of our societies.

Equations are often things many people love to hate but they are also the magic that run the systems we rely on everyday.

If you have ever looked under the hood of software you likely noticed a lot of seemingly random numbers and letters. Welcome to our world.

This is why “wau” has a deeper meaning for us. As coders we make things work so that people can say “wow”!

WAU Solutions ∞ Connecting Everything

This following fun little video demonstrates our mantra of taking complicated data full circle resulting in desired outputs.

WAU Solutions makes tasks easier by deciphering systems, automating processes with APIs and other source code while providing centralized management for collaboration and easy of use, often by leveraging Podio and Google for Work.

How may we WAU you?

WAU Solutions | www.wau.co

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