Portal for Podio lands its own page

WAU Portal has earned its own online home

WAU Portal for Podio is now at www.wauPortal.com

A fun little explainer video is “Now Showing


Portal pricing was restructured to better reflect the usage needs of businesses large and small.

Pricing — WAU Portal for Podio | wauPortal.com/pricing

Small companies and startups require an economical portal based on limited users. Larger organizations must have a practical option for higher volume.

Plans start at just $6 USD per month with pricing now calculated on a sliding scale of monthly active users. There are no additional per-login costs or fees for non-active users. As your business increases, the price per user decreases. We’ve found most use cases fit well within this pricing structure.

A sliding estimator for a sliding scale: Estimate your monthly cost using your anticipated amount of monthly users on the Portal for Podio Pricing page.

WAU Portal v1.5

During the move, we also unpacked some new stuff.

WAU Portal for Podio v1.5 | wauPortal.com

Podio users have been extremely helpful as we design new Portal features for ‘right now’ use cases.

What's New

  • Portal users can open items related to the users’ item or items from app view
  • Related items are synced automatically and you can add relationships from across your entire organization
  • App view got an upgrade with rearrangeable columns, category filtering and sum/average calculations for columns with money/number/calculation fields
  • “Remember Me” on login
  • Automatic domain and SSL certificate setup from settings
  • Change user items email field
  • Locale settings to show financial and date in your desired format
  • Add Google Analytics tracking ID to your Portal

New Features, Hotfixes and Bug Squashing

We’re on it, and you have a central location to get the information as it’s released.

Portal Community Workspace in Podio | https://goo.gl/xBpD19

The Portal Community Workspace in Podio is ground zero for all things WAU

  • Latest Releases and Real-time Updates
  • User Discussions
  • Feature Requests

Work is always better with a little help and insight from others. Be sure to post your questions and answer others so we can all be more productive.

About WAU Solutions

Based in Norway, WAU Solutions is a software developer specializing in business workflow automation within the Podio business management platform.

WAU designs custom coded systems, extensions, application integrations and managed SaaS business productivity services such as WAU Portal for Podio.

WAU Solutions is a Podio by Citrix and Google Cloud Authorized Partner