Podio Review - 6 questions answered

As a developer we are regularly asked our opinions of Podio. Hopefully the breakdown below will be helpful.

Why did you decide to use Podio?

Back in 2012 WAU Solutions saw potential with Podio’s simplicity and open structure. Other developers said good things so we started with some basic project management collaboration. As we grow, our Podio continues to evolve into a complete platform for all our business systems.

What are the best aspects of Podio?

The flexibility to build systems specific to each workflow and tasks being automated. Podio’s API abilities allow us to integrate most any other apps, programs, and online services.

Also the great people at Podio in Raleigh, NC. Podio team members as well as other Podio users are available within the chat feature, where users can also share files directly.

What aspects are problematic or could work better?

Podio seems to be the forgotten jewel. It needs ongoing development and better access control. Loyalists have been patiently waiting and it appears some progress is in the works.

What features/services would you like to see in future versions of Podio?

Better access control on a field level basis and the ability to reuse deleted fields.

What specific problems in your company were solved by Podio?

Podio is our complete business platform. We have remote team members that must have direct access to most every aspect of our companies. Podio automates our otherwise manual tasks such as sending contracts, invoicing, much of our human resources and web publishing.

All our project management and collaboration is within, or integrated with Podio. Our software development projects can sometimes be quite complex and Podio allows us to stay completely organized with team members working together in the very same workspaces; regardless of geographical location. We’re clearly with team Podio and looking forward to even more functionality!

Are you satisfied with Podio?

Very much so. The price and product can’t be beat. Systems always need improvement and we have great expectations of Podio. The community of users share experiences, support new users, and work together on the how-to’s and use case scenarios. It’s a great combination.

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About WAU Solutions

Based in Norway, WAU Solutions is a software developer specializing in business workflow automation within the Podio business management platform.

WAU designs custom coded systems, extensions, application integrations and managed SaaS business productivity services such as WAU Portal for Podio and Website for Portal.

WAU Solutions is a Podio by Citrix and Google Cloud Authorized Partner