How a small team uses Podio for their big company

By Pascal Briod, originally posted on the official Podio Blog , 5 April, 2017

Monito is a comparison website for international money transfer services. We compare and review more than 450 money transfer companies (from Western Union to PayPal) and thousands of our users depend on our service each month to find the provider offering the lowest fees and best exchange rates for their next money transfer.

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Behind the scenes, we are a company of only five people that work with about 500,000 users on our platform. In this set-up, everyone is at least part of three to four different “teams”, which means that having a common platform where we can all collaborate using the same tool has been very important for us.

A common thread for our startup

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We’ve been using Podio for almost three years, and it has always been the “common thread” of our startup. We are organized in different workspaces: one where we organize all our development activities, one where we collect user feedback and plan our product road-map, one where we plan the content we create for our reviews and our blog, one where we work on the data we collect to feed our large database on money transfer prices, and one where we manage our relations with money transfer companies, etc.

With a few exceptions, everyone is part of each workspace with a different level of involvement. That way, everyone is aware of what the others are working on and can jump in if necessary. It’s important to adapt the notifications settings in order not to be overwhelmed with a load of content, while staying available if someone mentions you because you’re needed.

As a Head of Product, I’m mostly involved in workspaces where we do user research and testing and in our development workspace to launch development tasks and handle bug reports. I am also an important contributor in our content and translation workspace and often needed in our data collection workspace. We use specific tools in each one of these areas, but having Podio as a central space to collaborate on very different aspects of our startup saves our team a tremendous amount of time.

The advantage of interlinking

How Monito uses Podio

Another advantage of using Podio, is the fact that you can link together the different elements which your team is working on. Even if it’s not in the same workspace, I can link the notes of a user interview to the bug report item I created during the session. Our data-collection tasks can be linked to the corresponding payment service provider item, our content tasks can be linked with our SEO and link-building items, and as a result, it’s easier for everyone to find the relevant information for what he is currently working on.

In conclusion, using Podio as central collaboration platform in a small interdisciplinary team is great because you can be part of the discussion whenever you’re needed in different workspaces, and you benefit from interlinking all pertinent aspects of your work.


Pascal is co-founder and Head of Product at Monito. He is in charge of understanding Monito’s users and transforming their needs into feature, planning the product road-map and coordinate with the development team. Before co-founding Monito with his brother and a friend, he studied international relations and development studies and worked for various NGOs, managing projects and developing products for the global south.